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Chikuzen Malta koishiwara pottery (OTA kiln)

Chikuzen koishiwara-yaki, 1682, Fukuoka 3 generation feudal Lord, mitsuyuki Kuroda Imari Potter invited from
The Chair is a region of more than 300 years. In 1975, as the traditional crafts of porcelain 1-first in has been specified.

Malta kiln (kiln OTA), was held in Spain in 2003, 1 Talavera City International Ceramic Biennale tradition divisions won the Grand Prix, we have many awards at home and abroad.

"Fluffy rich" unconventional Japanese porcelain plates to fit the image,
This is the 'snow crystals' original dish made with a special feeling.
All handmade for the 1 piece 1 piece each to the world not only one dish is.

Playful tried suggesting the instrument-making using the traditional glazes of koishiwara-yaki.

After you have finished eating, smiles and conversation will emerge as playful
It has been produced.

Glaze is a glaze black and Brown glaze and blue plush()The three colors and white cosmetic clay has got a pattern with a brush. Firing the clay 950 degrees, this perfection 1250 degrees hotter and burn it.

"Fluffy rich" and appreciated if collaboration of koishiwara ware would enjoy slowly.

812-0026, Japan
2-17, Kami-Kawabata-Cho, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka City